Its difficult to be certain.  Every situation is different.  Once we've completed an Initial Consultation, we'll have a better idea of the number of sessions you'll benefit from.

There are several factors that influence the success or progress of therapy.  For example, you therapist needs to teach you the relevant skills.  It is equally important that you make the time to implement these new skills into your life.  After all, this is how new patterns come about.  

After some time, we'd expect to see you benefiting from the work we're doing together.

As a ball-park figure, nearly everyone we see requires at least 6 sessions.  Many people benefit from between 6 and 12 sessions.  And, sometimes people come for longer or for more sessions that are spread out over time.  For example, you might start off weekly or fortnightly and then when you've learned enough skills, you can switch to 3 weekly or monthly.

What factors might mean I need more sessions?

In our experience, the following factors might suggest a need for more sessions:

  1. Having multiple problems that you want to tackle.  For example, you are struggling at work and in your personal relationships.  
  2. You suffered with multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and these have impacted you significantly.
  3. Appointments aren't attended regularly and so we don't get to the work often enough.
  4. Difficulties with 'trust'.  Whilst these are often born out of adverse childhood experiences, a lack of trust can make life very lonely.  Learning to build trust and developing wisdom about trust can take time, courage and persistence.
  5. A lack of supportive friends and family.  We are social beings and isolation or disconnection are major causes of poor psychological well-being.  Part of our work may involve building up relationships and social circles to create a greater sense of belonging.